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Shooting Frames



We now stock CHAMPION SHOOTING FRAMES and their accessories. Champion frames allow adjustment for all disciplines, have very secure settings, will not move when in the case or in use and have the advantage that most components are interchangeable.

Optimum vision is so important for the competition shooter – at Tarbutt Optometrists we have extensive experience in helping competition shooters get the best optics for their particular discipline. To enhance our service we now stock a wide range of CHAMPION frames at very competitive prices.

The glasses for the perfectionist shooter is the CHAMPION SUPEROLYMPIC.
These glasses are considered the ultimate in design being the most sophisticated shooting glasses available. Every adjustment is micro-adjustable on the face and the lens position is uniquely micro-adjustable for all lens positions. The nosepiece is offset right or left to benefit extreme shooting positions. The frame has 96 different components, designed for shooters who appreciate technical perfection.
The OLYMPIC ARCHER frame with an adjustable offset bridge (either right or left) that allows the archer or shooter to sight over the bridge of the nose.
While called the “archer” this frame is becoming very popular with both full bore and small bore rifle shooters.
Our most popular frame for the serious shooter, is the OLYMPIC CHAMPION frame. It is similar to the Archer but without the offset nosepiece.
The lateral lens position and bridge height are micro-adjustable on the face. These sophisticated frames are very light in weight. The spring loaded sides can be adjusted for length.

Many shooters enjoy the simplicity and cost of the WORLD CHAMPION Series.

The World Champion 3 is the updated version of the older World Champion 2.

With height adjustable silicon nose piece. The curl ends are silicon covered for extra comfort behind the ears.
The World Champion 4 is further step up from the WC3.
The new micro-adjustment allows the bridge height to be altered, without the use of an allen key. The sides are spring loaded for improved comfort and robustness. The frame can also be supplied with an offset bridge (right or left), ideal for archers and shooters with extreme standing positions.
All our frames can be fitted with any of the three aperture lens sizes and for the other eye another lens, or opaque or solid blind (occluder).
If you are a shooter wanting the best sight picture, contact us for an appointment. Please be sure to explain you are a shooter, as John likes to schedule extra time for these consultations. Call 07 8276597 or EMAIL now.